cosmetics-beauty-products-bloggers-review-skin-products-tips-use...None can lie about the fact that beauty products are loved by every woman! I mean, we use them to present ourselves in a beautiful and attractive way. So, knowing what products work together, how they benefit your skin, and the order in which to use them is incredibly important when selecting the best skincare routine. Healthy skin starts with a commitment to a regular skin care regimen, using high quality products every day. I’m not talking about the price but about what these products contain inside.  

I know right from my last experiences that some high brands skin care products sometimes don’t move impurities nor build-up of dead skin. I also noticed that we often think to care of the face first, but our body also needs attention. All in all, as I know it’s not easy to usually find what matchs with our skin, I thought it could help your to make a guideline that you can follow and then select some essentials skincare routine through my personal beauty products. 

1) Eco By Green Culture is sincerely one of my best skin product. If I travel and I’m lazy to bring with me each product for each part of my body, I can use this little bottle for everything which is for hair & body – it combines all without having to compromise. I like the fact that it has some botanical raw materials cleanses and strengthens your hair,gives it a natural shine without making it heavy. It create a pleasant perfume with a healthier skin cells.You will see fewer signs of aging guys !

2) Okey, that’s a little bit to intimate but when it comes about clothing I wear, I certainly can’t afford some pieces because of their price –  too expensive! Unfortunately, my closet is crowed most of the time by cheap and sold clothing so… as  I’m very sensitive to fabrics, I need to be careful concerning my skin and allergies I can get. That’s why I recently discovered that you can use some shampoo for fabrics and I’m currently using LavePur both for my outwear clothes and underwear(especially!!!).

3)The Bath Perfume Soap is just divine ….I received this one by a new blogger friend Joséphine and I tried to find where you guys could have the same but I finally found a similar perfumed soap bar by Diptyque. I remember, while enjoying my last holidays in Paris,the hotel where I was staying gave some beauty products and one of them was the Bvlgari Bar Soap! It was the first time I tried this kind of ”perfumed soap for bath….Now it became a drug!

4) For my natural afro and extra curly hair I use  BYPHASSE which makes my hair looking smoother,radiant and I really saw my curls nourished. This product redefines the curls with its aloe vera and provitamin B. I personally use it every second day right after my hair shampoo time  by creaming my hand it trough my damp hair (it also works when your hair is dry). You don’t nee to rinse it by the way.


5) Paul Mitchell Curls Spring Loaded Detangling Shampoo is an ultra-moisturizing with its rich lather that leaves hair soft and manageable so curls always look their best! Thank to it, my  hair is more even and radiant Oh, and the better way to use it would be first to apply to your wet hair, then massage your hair(my favorite part) into a lather an finally work through with comb or your fingers.

6) I really do appreciate using normal skin soap while having a shower because I feel like the soap cleans my skin better and give me the feeling to have a baby skin! I have more than 5 different skin soap from low prices to high and one I can suggest you at the moment is the Blue Q Luxury Soap(my order is on the go and can’t wait to receive it!) which is made with pure vegetable base! Therefore, that soap has some essential oils and a delightful scent combination. The soap is individually wrapped and packaged in a match-box style, slide-action cardboard sleeve for the perfect little gift for yourself or someone you love.

7) L’occitane douche gommante, and 8) L’Occitane ‘Verbena’ Shea Butter Liquid Soap, are for dry, sensitive or damaged skin. As I personally have dry and sensitive skin, this brand is one of my favorite to use. In fact, both products have some nourishing Shea butter and soothing aloe vera extract. So,my skin feels softer and looks smoother. The first one(7) is so fresh and naturally formulated with a vegetal soap base and wheat proteins to cleanse without drying. I just love it! The second one has a light texture which quickly slides on my skin. It softens and protects from drying due to a too calcareous water – Unfortunately,my studio’s bathroom does have so much calcareous ohhlala! 

9) The Shea Butter Hand Cream is a super smoothing hand cream with 20% Shea butter and honey. It has this alluring aromas of jasmine and ylang-ylang essences…I can die when smelling this cream..its texture is quite pleasing and miraculously absorbs to help heal and protect dry or dehydrated skin. What’s great is the fact that it has some anti-oxidizing vitamin E which helps nourish!

10) The Vaseline which is you all know, a 100% Pure Petroleum, is a big, huge, enormous skin Protectant, cheaper and so great for dry skin!  It helps lock in moisture to keep the skin looking and feeling soft and healthy. I often use it for everything…I don’t lie..I use it when my skin is irritated, for my hair, if I cut myself…yes it’s said that it protects minor cuts, scrapes and burns! So guys, if you want your skin being healthy and keeping looking its best, one advice, adopte the vaseline.


-davos-swiss-ski-station-mountains-fashion-travel-bloggerHappy Monday folks! for those who follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some pictures revealing another place I went to spend a fabulous weekend! In fact I was lucky to be chosen by H&M’s team, to enjoy a couple of days there and to celebrate christmas with them and some other bloggers. However, I was so excited,more than happy and among thankful for this opportunity to be brought there. Davos is based in Grisons,one of the 26 ‘cantons’ (states,provinces) in Switzerland and  it’s really a place of superlatives! I mean, as you’re on holidays, you can chose this destination which has an international ambience and is the largest ski resort in the Swiss Alps– please, please, go below to see these incredible views from Davos mountains!

By the way, during my stay in Davos, it was the main time to celebrate christmas as I told you with H&M and#MDNRTINY(Modernity), a party event that has an ephemeral club installed in a transparent tent in various locations across Switzerland! Therefore, they provide multiple events per year which take place in unique natural settings such as the alpine summits. I really loved that concept because, each event is celebrated as an unforgettable and indescribable experience. During the event, Mdrnity offered us a first class musical line up including new talent such as Maceo Plex(yeaaahhh), I’m screaming because he’s a genius and won an Award for the Best Deep House DJ! there were also Sven Väth, and Lee Burridge. I understand now why MDRNTY won the title of the “Best Event” and “Best Series Event”at the Swiss Nightlife awards. It’s simply because, they provide so many talented people during their events.

As you understood,at Modernity in Davos is a real decompress place where you can put yourself in a festive but mountain environment. What was breath taking, is that this event  took me up to the high altitudes on the rails in a funicular which provided an incredible view of a winter landscape…it’s just woah! Anyway, I also much appreciated how H&M stylized a cosy Lounge place by including a chic, gold and bold decoration with some mannequins wearing their last winter collection.There really were all of the elements to guarantee a memorable Christmas edition!

Je suis si ravie de vous retrouver à nouveau en ce lundi ensoleillé! J’ai hâte de vous en dire plus concernant le week-end passé dans les montagnes à Davos la semaine dernière. En effet, pour ceux qui me suivent sur Instagram, vous avez pu voir quelques clichés de ma petite aventure des les montagnes des Grisons, l’un des 26 cantons en Suisse. La raison de cette aventure étonnante est simplement dû au fait que j’ai été choisie par H&M et quelques autres bloggers à fêter Noël avant l’heure, ensemble, dans une ambiance très festive et inoubliable au coeur des montagnes!

Cette aventure a eu lieu à Davos, une des plus grande station de ski des Alpes Suisse, ayant cette atmosphère cosmopolite qui constitue le plus grand centre de vacances en montagne. Cette vallée regorge également une multitudes de paysages à couper le souffle! J’étais vraiment reconnaissante d’avoir eu la possibilité de profiter du paysage, de découvrir Davos et son côté festif organisé par #MDNRTINY(Modernity). Ce dernier est un concept de clubbing itinérant qui propose toute une gamme d’artistes musicaux tels que Maceo Plex (yesssss, j’en suis fan!) qui a gagné le prix Award du meilleur DJ de la Deep House ou encore Sven Väth et Lee Burridge étant eux aussi des artistes de renommée. Tout ce beau monde pour nous faire vibrer et nous emmener dans la sphère alpine de Modernity.

H&M avait même concocté un coin Lounge assez trendy, stylisé avec des mannequins portant pour l’occasion quelques pieces phares de leur collection Hivernale; très judicieux de leur part. Durant l’event Modernity, il y a eu d’abord une pré-party le vendredi et une after-party le samedi et pour terminer en beauté, une closing party a été proposée. D’ailleurs, ce que j’ai le plus apprécié était le fait d’avoir une vue imprenable sur les alpes depuis la grande tente située au sommet du funiculaire à 1’865 mètres d’altitude où la fête battait son plein. Tous ces éléments qui ont fait en sorte d’avoir un event #MDNERTINY mais version edition ‘de ‘Noël” plus que mémorable!


It always turns out that the most difficult people to shop for Christmas are women right? It’s happening again this year! The holidays are here as I said on my last post and they are really here now! So much pressure and stress for you guys to gift but hey, isn’t it a much needed time for relaxing and spending some quality time with family or friends? We all know it’s also time to decorate and gift to people we appreciate and love.. so take a break! By the way,today I’m so excited to have found my christmas wish-list, with some sophisticated things I really appreciated. Now, how about a few ideas you should gift or have for yourself this festive season? discover my special christmas wish-list and find what could inspire you to offer around!

Ce n’est pas une révélation de dire que les personnes les plus difficiles en matière de cadeaux sont belles et bien les femmes(j’approuve!). Malheureusement c’est année, la petite contrainte va se reproduire à nouveau: qu’allez-vous offrir? À cet instant précis je sens monter la pression chez certains, pendant que d’autres parcourent les shops pour trouver le cadeau du siècle. Pas de stress, en cette période festive comme je l’ai rappelé dans mon dernier post, tout doit être bon enfant, il faut prendre le temps pour tout. Partager nos moments avec la famille, les amis et décorer ce qui se nomme ”le beau sapin” ; même si j’avoue n’avoir pas encore décoré le mien. Cependant j’ai pris le temps de concocter ma propre wish-list de Noël en espérant qu’elle vous inspirera. Si grâce à elle, vous trouvez un beau cadeau à offrir, alors mon voeu sera exaucé. Mes chers lecteurs, je vous souhaite une très belle journée!

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LBD Little Black Dress - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich 2014barre-fine

Finally here we are! today, 3 weeks later, I’m going to briefly summarize 4 magical days during which I meet great people and had no idea that fashion industry had such a presence in Switzerland! first, as I told you on my last post, I really enjoyed going to #H&MStudio Showroom to preview the ladies and menswear SS15 collections which was hosted at the Prime Tower in Zurich on Wednesday. 

After it, still On Wednesday, it was the opening Gala which started off with designers such as Lala Berlin,Lug von Siga and Julian Zigerli who showed his incredible graphic prints and innovative cuts! However I was quite disappointed by Max Mara because I had already saw their last fall winter 2014 collection and unfortunately it was shown at the #MBFDZ- something I didn’t really understand. They sincerely could have shown another runway presentation and something new instead of their last F/W collection! On Thursday,the second show edition opened with Julia Winkler, you know the designer behind Studio Winkler brand. In fact she was the winner of last year’s Annabelle Award! However, last time, with a different style and another fashion conceptual, Elisa Kaufmann the 2014 designer winner, had a very down to earth creations! I was really impressed how she imbedded wood into many of her looks. Therefore, her combinations were not extravagant, her cuts and materials were well thought.

Friday evening was the celebration of of Notte Italiana which means Mercedes-Benz presented us some Italian designers. and my favorite Italian designer was Vivetta ! I was totally obsessed with her Spring-Summer SS15 collection. To be honest if one day I’m able to collaborate with this designer I’ll jump around till I die. By the way, the other two designers didn’t impress me that much because their collection were a bit full of leather,fringes or very dark. I mean, Fashion Weeks are also made to create something big, not usual to see, a huge effect that will have consequences on mind. By the way,on Saturday it was finally the Swiss selection presented by H&M. I discovered an impressive brand called the Little Black Dress which has incredible caught my eyes by that white girly theme mixed adding with purity of a sexy woman’s style. The collection was also made of contrasts between pastel,white and nude. I really loved how the patters were very rich in colors and characterized by bold geometric shapes. 

I’ll end this post by telling how it’s really great to have those fashion events in Switzerland which is particularly known for being closed mind especially when it’s about fashion industry,art and culture. It was such a pleasure meeting interesting people even if I must admit that there still have some pretentious(fake) attitude on Fashion shows with some people who pretend to be someone they are not(that really makes me getting upset and disappointed). However, I remember someone said to me ”fashion is superficial and you must sometimes take things as a game and play with what you have”.  I’ll however and forever taking every single opportunities as the best experiences I can have. Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy the little glimpse of the #MBFDZ ss15 collections I appreciated below!barre-fine


Hey folks! Black Friday is happening just right now, and there are plenty of great deals to be had!  If you want to cut through the mess and just score the best deals you can find, you’ve come to the right place right here on the blog! Keep in mind that the best deals won’t last long and many of them are limited to Friday itself. Yes you understood that to win the Black Friday game, you have to be aggressive and quick, there’s no time to sleep when deals are to be had. That said, here are my own ”BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING list” with 10 best deals that are running today until monday! By the way, warm up your shopping sense because, it’s time to make the consumer machine work. On your mark, Get set, Shopppp!-holiday-sales-deals-black-friday-cybersale.La Black friday commence aujourd’hui! Pour ceux et celles qui ne seraient pas au courant de ce concept, laissez moi vous le rappeler en quelques lignes: Aux Etats-Unis, le Black Friday se tient chaque année le vendredi suivant la Thanksgiving qui marche une grande période d’achats de Noël. C’est pourquoi chaque année, des soldes allant jusqu’à -85% créent l’hystérie générale tel que ce phénomène est devenue une véritable institution en outre Atlantique! Des millions de personnes se pressent devant les grilles des centres commerciaux pour faire leur derniers achats avant la période des fêtes. Etant une grande fan(fan fan) de ce genre d’ambiance euphorique, j’ai profité pour créer ma ”BLACK FRIDAY list” afin de vous partager mon ”caddie”! Etant à l’afflux de chaque promotions et soldes, je n’ai pu m’empêcher de vous donner une petite liste de rabais dans certaines enseignes que vous trouverez ci-dessous. Des tas de rabais spécialement concoctés pour ce jour glorieux et festif. À vos marques, prêtes,.. shoppez!le-black-friday–soldes-americains-debarquent-en-france-code-promotionnels-rabais-black-friday


56-holiday-sales-deals-black-friday-cybersale(1)With Lord & Taylor, get an extra 20 percent off almost everything and 25 percent off fine jewelry through November.30 with  the code THANKS. (2) Get Black Friday deals at Nordstrom and save with the Designer Fall Clearance. (3) with Loeffler Randall,save an extra 15 percent on sale items by using code BLKFRIDAY.(4) With Sole Society: 30 percent off plus free shipping at Sole Society. (5) Don’t forget to check the Extra 20% Offwith the BF2014 code at the  Milly Store. (6)Charlotte Russe gives you the chance to get one free at Charlotte Russe deals and get one free with $5 dresses and $5 shoes. (7) at Smashbox, you can save 25% on everything when you spend $50 or more. (8) at MANGO’s, get everything at 30% off enter” 5BLACK2” code when confirming your online purchase! (9) Madewell offers you 25 percent off sitewide through Nov. 30 by using the code GIFTON on your purchase! Isn’t it that cool?

(1)Avec Lord & Taylor vous avez la possibilité d’avoir 20% de rabais sur presque tousles articles ainsi que 25% de rabais sur chaque collection de bijouterie jusqu’à dimanche en utilisant le code THANKS. (2) Nordstrom propose des rabais sur le shop online dans la collection Automne/Hiver de Fall Clearance. (3)La marque Loeffler Randall propose 15% sur tous les pièces en utilisant le code code BLKFRIDAY.(4) Ceci dit,la marque Sole Society va plus loin en offrant 30% de rabais avec les frais de ports gratuit!  (5) N’oubliez pas d’aller jeter un coup d’oeil chez Milly Store et vous bénéficierez de 20% de rabais en utilisant le code BF2014 lors de votre achat. (6)Charlotte Russe vous donne l’opportunité d’avoir des belles robes et chaussures pour 5$ ! (7) Chez Smashbox, vous avez 25% de rabais sur chaque achat du site avec un minimum d’achat de 50$. (8)  MANGO est généreux aujourdh’ui et vous offre 30%  de rabais en entrant votre code promo ” 5BLACK2” au moment de vos achats. (9) Madewell vous offre 25% de rabais sur la totalité du site jusqu’au 30 novembre sans oublier d’utiliser votre code promo ”GIFTON” ! pas mal non?-holiday-sales-deals-black-friday-cybersale


36468_10001073Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-ShowroomTwo days ago started the Fashion days In Zurich opening where I had the opportunity to discover the H&M 2015 Spring collection! Such a great timing to meet lots of people there especially while you have the opportunity to discover some extra collections. I really appreciated the new spring collection that H&M provided. In fact, this collection is made for the ultimate cool girl. As H&M puts it, “she’s in a holiday mood and takes inspiration from the glamorous and laid-back life of Miami and Palm Springs.” Hope these few lines will make your mouth water because that spring floral touch will be on store soon.

Oh and I did not mentioned the spring lineup which boasts influences from sportswear, with vivid prints and pastel colors-loved it! I really think the Swedish fast-fashion brand is ready to soak up the sun and I’ll be right there with them by the time. Anyway, guys before getting ready and be around Zurich city again for another Showroom this afternoon, I wanted to share my excitement about the 10 years H&M’s collaborations commemorative book I just received during the showroom. Aptly titled The First Ten Years,that stunning book includes previously unseen images and contributions from each of H&M’s collaborating designers over the 10 year and delves into the history and inspiration behind each line. Great isn’t it? 


Voilà déjà deux jours passés que la Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days à Zurich a commencé! J’ai eu l’opportunité découvrir dès le 1er jour, la collection printemps/été 2015 qui sonnera sous le thème du glamour et décontracté sous le soleil de Miami. Le showroom privé a dévoilé des coloris allant du pastel au bordeaux avec une touche de marine ajoutée sur les vestes-pyjama accordé au pantalon; le tout donnait un look très Men Style. Je dois avouer que cette nouvelle collection fait revivre le côté seventies avec les imprimés renvoyant de la chaleur et gaieté; j’ai été conquise! Aimant également le style sport chic confortable, je fus plus que ravie de voir les vêtements Sportswear dont les chemises oversizes étaient sans manches pouvant être subtilement portée comme une robe. J’ai remarqué combien les accessoires tel que le foulard à motif flamant rose allaient être phare et indispensable pour le printemps!

L’ambiance était au rendez-vous, l’accueil toujours aussi plaisant et l’équipe a réservé une petite surprise dans les sacs Alexander Wang x H&M reçu à l’entrée: j’ai crié de joie en ayant vu le premier bouquin d’H&M qui célébrait ses 10 ans de collaboration avec les plus grandes marque luxueuses et influentes de l’industrie de la mode. Ce petit récit palpipant n’est que le début de l’aventure mes chers lecteurs, car je crépite d’impatience pour voir quelque showroom a nouveau cet après-midi ainsi que le Show final, demain. En attendant, profitez de découvrir en images, la collection qui sera en vente dans quelques mois! Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom5 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom. Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom02 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom001Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom2Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom05 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom004 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom006 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom6 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom005 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom4 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom07 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom007 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom09 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom10 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom08 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom01 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom1 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom003 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom002 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom3 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom7 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom9 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom0 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swiss-fashion-bloggers-Showroom06



Fashion isn’t only about high heels and clothes that are short and tights. Fashion needs to be wearable and comfortable too! Style it up in comfy, and simple clothes! I mean,give sometimes to your style, the right casual outfit, pair it with the right basic shoes such as black or white sneakers and you’ll be ready to get many head turns! Choose a shirt and a bright color of jeans or go for a lovely denim dress, fashion get more and more on the simplicity. Some of you will scream and say obviously, things look better wearing heels! yes I agree, but in terms of just kicking around and actually like experiencing an entire day, heels limit us sometimes. I sometimes personally feel I’m able to experience everything if I’m just wearing basic shoes so I can run around! hey, sneakers have become a ubiquitous red carpet staple so don’t be afraid to wear them everywhere! Don’t forget to accessorize that new look with the right glittering jewelry such as my B.shou necklace. Oh and you can have the same accessory with a 15% discount by using ”Wallace” code during your purchase, really cool right ? 

By the way, on my last post, I was revealing my commitment(big word) on the Mercedes-benz Fashion days in Zurich that’s stating in fact…today! it means, I’ll be on the go starting from Wednesday until saturdays guys so I’m really excited to show you lots of pictures during this great adventure on my Instagram and of course I’ll make a post about it without forgetting to post another video. Stay connected with me on Facebook and enjoy your monday!


La mode ne se porte pas que sur des talons hauts griffés, ne s’associe pas qu’aux shorts serrés et lunettes de soleils ultra sophistiquées. La mode a besoin d’être portée de manière simpliste et confortable de temps en temps aussi! Il faut alors l’apprivoiser de manière plus décontractée en adoptant un look au habits cool et relax. C’est à dire, s’imprégner de l’air du temps, de votre vie de tous les jours, en transposant le tout dans un look casual qui se porte avec des baskets(n’oubliez par le mot simple),un basic jeans ou leggings, associé à un sweat ou t-shirt de ton clair! N’oubliez surtout par d’ajouter à votre look, un accessoire donnant vie à l’ensemble de l’outfit de manière à avoir cette petite touche de ”je ne sais quoi” mais qui fera l’unanimité autour de vous. En ce qui me concerne, j’ai opté pour ce collier B.shou (j’adooore), dont les deux tons noir/blancs marient parfaitement mon basic sweat et mes sneakers! Si vous souhaitez avoir le même accessoire, n’oubliez pas d’utiliser le code ‘‘Wallace” lors de votre achat pour bénéficier de 15% de réduction! c’est top n’est-ce pas? 

Nombreux d’entre-vous ont pu remarquer dans mon dernier article, combien j’étais excité d’un événement qui a commencé aujourd’hui: La Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week à Zurich! Je serai dans l’aventure à partir de mercredi jusqu’à samedi non-stop. Ce début de semaine malheureusement sera pris entre mes cours à l’université. Je vais cependant profiter au maximum de partager avec vous cette nouvelle aventure sur mon Instagram et mon Facebook sans oublier l’article qui suivra ainsi qu’une vidéo pour que vous ne puissiez pas rater une miette. Je vous souhaite un merveilleux lundi mes chers lecteurs!fall-navy-coats-white-nike-sneakers-minimalist-style3 fall-navy-coats-white-nike-sneakers-minimalist-style0fall-navy-coats-white-nike-sneakers-minimalist-street-style. fall-navy-coats-white-nike-sneakers-minimalist-style01 fall-navy-coats-white-nike-sneakers-minimalist-style2 fall-navy-coats-white-nike-sneakers-minimalist-style00 fall-navy-coats-white-nike-sneakers-minimalist-style5
I was wearing: ASOS rings / Similar Coat: ShopBopRebecca Minkoff or Macys Coat / White sneakers or here /  B.shou necklace(with 15% discount by adding ”Wallace” code)



I don’t think having spread enough all the pictures, from the fashion days that held in geneva which I was so honored to attend lately! Guys I spent an incredible moment during two days in Geneva by exploring lots of showrooms and discovering greats swiss designers who had the opportunity to show their collection, hard work and of course their passion in a huge hotel called Hôtel Tiffany. How could I show you all these stuffs to you? well, I simply decided to make a glimpse video in which you’d be able to see through my eyes what I saw during the Fashion days, especially while I had the opportunity to see in live a big Swiss fashion Show organized by ModeSuisse, Edelweiss Magazine and La HEAD(High Design and Art School)! After watching the video feel free to see a huge collage pictures of that memorable week-end I spent in Geneva with Stefanie Guillaume another great fashion swiss blogger  I meet few months ago!

My outfits during these two days were quite basic but I tried to add a little pop color on my first look! for exemple, to attend the Fashion show, I was wearing this fabulous Red Lace dress(crush at the moment)  and felt very comfy on it. That little dress is quite short but you can add some nude/black pants if you feel inconfortable.

I also cannot wait for the Fashion Days in Zurich that’s coming next week. I’m really  looking forward to discover the various collections H&M will show and also curious to see if it will going to be a bit more crazy and different from Geneva Fashion Days. I can’t wait to show you my favorite looks in pictures within the next days!

1, 2 , 3 let’s go and have a nice watching !



Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Days-Geneva-Zurich2 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Days-Geneva-Zurich01 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Days-Geneva-Zurich1 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Days-Geneva-Zurich Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Days-Geneva-Zurich3 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Days-Geneva-Zurich03 Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Days-Geneva-Zurich02Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Days-Swiss-Geneva-Zurich3Fashion-blogger-insight-runways-fashion-week
Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Days-Geneva-Zurich05Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Days-Geneva-Zurich06DAY II – SHOWROOM AT THE TIFANY’S HOTEL IN GENEVA!






fall-hat-pink-skirt-pastel-hairs-sweater-pullOHOH IT’S MY BIRTHDAY..

What’s a special day! the big deal day when everyone is contacting you and making sure that you are having THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. Friends want you to go out and get crazy. “Come on, it’s your birthday! You have to go out! well, why isn’t it socially acceptable to spend this ”birthday” on your couch and enjoy it through reading, or writing on your blog? Am I an alien or some of you will recognize themselves too through these few lines?

To be honest guys, I need to say that I’ve become sick of my own birthday years after years. It’s been like sitting in front of a bunch of people and opening gifts that I may or may not want(most of the time I love receiving)  became a sort of anxiety..and being sung has been horribly embarrassing to me. Why? maybe simply because celebrating my birthday after passing my childhood, then my adolescence doesn’t have importance anymore.

I really think a birthday with no hoopla or public embarrassment, because whether people like it or not, it’s your birthday(your day!!) and you should be able to do anything you want to, or most importantly, do not want to. huhu, when it comes about giving a present…well, I know when you give the wrong gift, and there’s that silence that just ‘hangs’ in the air with flies around, and even though your friends, or family say they like the gift, you both know it was the wrong gift right? haha even though I still love giving presents and love to received.

Usually, when I admit not appreciate celebrating my birthday,most people probably have an image of an angry-eyed, bratty child, pouting with her arms crossed because she’s upset about something and maybe is against society. No no no I want to say.  In fact,there’s still this thing that haunts me: I dread my birthday because I’m growing old and expectations aren’t the same as they were in the past…hhhh I had lots of good memories when I was more young(sounds like if I’m now 80), this unconsciousness of was going on around, this innocence was present and of course I was feeling better through this carelessness that was present.
However, I won’t refuse my mum’s invitation(she’ll get very upset if I do) because she’s always urging me to make something for this special day with my family or friends and it’s kind of funny sometimes! How to say no? aaargh..I don’t know what I’m trying to say, but pretty much I’m just putting it out there that I have this inexorable fear of celebrating this birthday…that is today.






I was wearing: 1. Fluffy Sweater / 2. Similar shoes: WindsorStore Heels or  Forever 21 / Similar Midi Pencil Skirt  or GianFrano Ferre Skirt (Blue) / Fall hat in Blue or in Black Skimlinks Test


Fashion-Week-Paris-designers-collection4Capture d’écran 2014-06-11 à 09.46.01

It’s friday folks! so glad to be on the blog again and to finally share what I’ve promised to you on my latest post : the second edition of the black Fashion week that was held in Paris two weeks ago. I’m always thankful when I see you’re loving more and more every single post I publish especially when I share with you some little opportunities I’m honored to do and participating. Concerning this fashion week,I had a little discussion with Adama Paris,founder of this emerging concept and both agreed about the frustration that black designers and models that we felt were being ignored by the fashion industry especially when the ”Haute Couture” is concerned. Therefore, we noticed how much same models prototype were shown on runways…how boring it is. That’s why I really respect this business and ambitious woman who has tried to do something though helping black designers and of course black models in order they get more exposure.
By the way, I’m revealing you now some of my favorite pieces I saw during the shows. As I told you on ma first Bfw post I had an enormous crush on Hayati Chaheyoi who showed a triptych colored collection by including blue, white  and some printed wax. The collection was creative with a sleek style,from the preppy and a sporty side to the choice of sneakers, great job dear! All in all guys, enjoy these following pics and share which piece collection you loved the most.
Capture d’écran 2014-06-11 à 09.46.01Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-00
Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-5Fashion-Week-Paris-designers-collection2Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-07 Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-09 Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-0Fashion-Week-Paris-designers-collectionStyles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-02 Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-04 Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-08 Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-06 Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-.Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-01Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-6Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss14-07Styles-Fashion-weeks-paris-2014-ss15-00

CALIFORNIA GIRL don’t really complain the fact of living in Switzerland but god…the weather is so lunatic! Never a week without being surprised by the forecast…raining, snowing, shining then blowing! all these weather phenomena in last than one week.. I think I’ve become sick of this drastic changes and wish I would enjoy the Cali’s sun instead of this! In fact, I’ve always wanted to go to California  because I just need something new and different than here!

To be honest, California is one of my dream place and that’s since my very early childhood. I dont know why but I feel like if I moved there I would be more liberated and would have a free spirit! I remember having written a short story at school when I was young about howI  wanted to move to Cali and become an adventurer woman who would explore the CA caverns. It was probably just a pipe dream but I believe that magic might happen there and that in california everyone gets found or everyone finds what they are looking for. While writing this post, I’m thinking about some cool locations I heard about: the Lake Tahoe for example would be a nice place to enjoy hanging out at the beach and during the winter month would be the playtime in the snow…aaargg I wish I could be there at the moment guys!

However, Palm Springs has always been also my must-go vacation destination, event if I know that it’s also known for being a getaway for Hollywood stars. I really happen to like Palm Desert too which is just as beautiful on pictures(crush, crush!). I think, as crazy and wild as California can be, it can also be a very romantic place to visit whether it be for a weekend, vacation or honeymoon. So guys today I really wanted to share this other secret place I wanted to be!

Capture d’écran 2014-06-11 à 09.46.01

I’m wearing: 1. My Wallace Necklace Design(Collaboration with LindseyMarieBrand) / 2. Floppy Hat Beige or Black / 3. Similar PEACE T-shirt / 4. Similar Destroyed Acid Riped short or Here / 5. Stuart Weitzman Gladiators sandals Cheap Price Here

Destroyed-denim-short-Floppy-Hat-style1 Destroyed-denim-short-Floppy-Hat-style0 Destroyed-denim-short-Floppy-Hat-styledestroyed-denim-short-floppy-hat-style02Destroyed-denim-short-Floppy-Hat-style5Destroyed-denim-short-Floppy-Hat-style4Destroyed-denim-short-Floppy-Hat-style. Destroyed-denim-short-Floppy-Hat-style00
Capture d’écran 2014-06-11 à 09.46.01
I’m wearing: 1. My Wallace Necklace Design(Collaboration with LindseyMarieBrand) / 2. Floppy Hat Beige or Black / 3. Similar PEACE T-shirt / 4. Similar Destroyed Acid Riped short or Here / 5. Stuart Weitzman Gladiators sandals Cheap Price Here37385_277



Rome wasn’t built in a day! It means that,dedicate as much time getting to know your blog style and making it a blog you would want to read.

This is clear, we have in front of us a real thinker, strategical, multi-skilled and business woman. Well,she has more than one trick up her sleeve! Therefore, with her minimalistic chic and monochromatic style caught my attention, I couldn’t help interviewing he!, Guys, you’ll will be in for a treat now, so enjoy  reading her passionate story!shop-your-favotire-bloggers-styledsc_2460-copy_edited-1Capture d’écran 2014-07-02 à 09.30.03
I live just outside of London with Mr. Luxe my husband and our beloved maltese terrier Boo. I’m a writer by trade but where opportunities have arisen I’ve worked on all sorts of projects. From styling editorials to launching press events you name it I’ve dabbled. I’m currently dipping my toe in fashion blogging and having the most fun ever. Oh and, my name is Lorna from, a born and raised Brit with a diverse background in travel and tea-making!
Capture d’écran 2014-07-02 à 09.11.10

I’ve always been interested in making things pretty, my earliest memory is of me on a family holiday arranging all my dolls and souvenirs on the dressing table. And after university I began a career with Virgin Atlantic as a long haul air hostess. It fed my need to travel and ultimately inspired my love for fashion. I spent much of my down time on trips exploring markets and buying into new culture trends. Fashion is a great way to communicate your personality when you’re in a foreign land.werwerwerwer

Capture d’écran 2014-07-02 à 09.13.58

As a new blogger, I’ve found social networking to be an incredibly useful tool and resource. Meeting other bloggers and sharing ideas has been so satisfying and also great in helping me build my brand. Ultimately whilst I don’t diminish the importance of promoting your blog, the best advice I would give is to dedicate as much time getting to know your blog style and making it a blog you would want to read. Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

Capture d’écran 2014-07-02 à 09.17.28
My favorite color is yellow. It makes me smile and brightens up even the rainiest of days. My favorite city is London of course. I’m incredibly proud to be a part of this wonderful city. Accessories? I have flavours of the week, month, year even so this is tricky. I’d say my watch, because it’s practical, pretty and white gold with diamonds. dsc_1827-copy
Capture d’écran 2014-06-14 à 17.52.24
That’s really kind of you. I have Mr. Luxe to thank for most of my blog shots. If I’m composing an outfit post, I brief him on how I want the images to look and then we head off and shoot them with me directing-him-directing-me. It makes for a lot of fun and surprise seeing the outcome. The rest of the images are edited by my own and I love one app called  PicFrame and the Insta filter Valencia, that’s just top!
Capture d’écran 2014-09-10 à 22.33.47
Well, I would say: Frivolous, Unapologetic, Fun, Day-to-Night and Luxurydsc_0418-copy1
Capture d’écran 2014-07-02 à 09.22.27
Mr. Luxe for sure. I trust him to be honest and if he reads my blogpost and laughs/giggles his way through it I know it’s ready to publish. My blog doesn’t ever take fashion too seriously.

Meeting new people – the fashion blogging community is cool, friendly and a fun place to hangout. The writing is my passion but I’ve also learned so much about my own personal style just by putting words to the outfits I wear. And the best thing – I finally have a legitimate excuse to go shopping. hehesdfef

If in five years time I’m still privileged enough to write about my personal style and call it my career then I’ll be a happy luxe.
Capture d’écran 2014-07-02 à 09.22.18
What I’ve always done, shopping, shopping and no seriously I love to do other stuff. Hangout with my dog, play the piano, spend time with good friends (we’ll maybe do SOME shopping) and to holiday. Mr. Luxe and I try and take 4-6 vacations a year and I make sure to enjoy every second of them – note-to-self: must try and sneak in a blog post between mojito’s!! dsc_0418-copyCapture d’écran 2014-06-14 à 19.36.20Here we finally are at the end of this interview from our coolest Lornaluxe Fashion blogger! I really hope you enjoyed reading  her #COMBBS interview. Please, if you haven’t read the last fashion blogger discovery, just clic here and follow you best blogger on Instagram. Stay also update for some good up coming news on the blog! Have a nice day folks!tips-for-smoother-skin photo Michelle2_zps0b162556.png   photo Michelle4_zps453ec8e1.png1534952_10152299251260418_8069938761746418449_o37385_277


As I always say, it doesn’t matter how young or old you are, you can wear a beanie hat whatever your age! all that matters is a self-confident attitude and a casual outfit to make the beanie one of the best accessories to complete your look! How to wear a beanie may seem like a simple enough question, and for the most part it is. Just stick it on your head and you’re good to go, right? However, there are plenty of different styles of beanies(fold beanies, slouchy beanies, knitted beanie and much more!) and when it comes to how to wear a beanie, you’ve got to take your hair into consideration too. Most people tend to wear their hair out when wearing a beanie and with good reason: it’s a simple and stylish option. Keeping things natural also means you won’t have to worry about styling when you take your beanie off right?

For all fashionista, if you really want to look trendy please(Big recommendation)avoid styles with pompoms or beadwork, it’s has been! A simple knit or zippers beanie looks classic and stylish. Therefore,beanies are a bold accessory, and some even include graphics or words like my NERD beanie hat tend to look a little more sophisticated, trust me! For those who want new way to wear their beanie, you can either try a loose side braid because it’s a perfect weekend hairstyle for when you’re running around doing chores or your shopping. 

I sincerely prefer fold beanies up as you can see on this post! so if your beanie is a longer, slouchier style but you want a closer fit, just fold the beanie up. I think the single fold is a common solution for how to wear a beanie! 


 All in all, do you want to make your beanie a statement piece and the focus of your outfit? Go for a beanie that not only has got a pop of color but also gives a message; be it a varsity,college vibe or a rebellious, edgy feel guys!When it comes to how to wear a beanie, I love styles that stand out. It could be a fun pattern or bold color. So guys, give a try on these bunnies hat(I love them so much!) and tell me what you think, your feedback etc., have a nice day!

navy-oversized-coat-backpack-streetstyle1navy-oversized-coat-backpack-streetstyle3navy-oversized-coat-backpack-streetstyle0navy-oversized-coat-backpack-streetstylenavy-oversized-coat-backpack-streetstyle5navy-oversized-coat-backpack-streetstyle8navy-oversized-coat-backpack-streetstyle6navy-oversized-coat-backpack-streetstyle7I was wearing: SIMILAR COAT> 1. Barney’s NYC Coat or  John Levis Coat / 2. ALDO Nosis Backpack / 3. Run Women’s Shoes / 4. Wolf Top or Stella McCartney Wolf Top / 5. ASOS Jeans  HERE or SIMILAR


38595_113boyfriend-jeans-red-heels-red-biker-jacket-casual-styleIf there’s something I always fail (and really! I’m not a boss) is of course my makeup application. In fact, I try so hard to often have different style of makeup which is adapted to what I wear, but I’m pretty sure you didn’t see the difference and to be honest me either..haha! So guys, to have a new experience and adventure, I decided to call one of my MUAH friend Makeup By Jones (have a look on her Tumblr)who started to apply makeup on lovely ladies as a hobby. I knew we could also have a little fun together so I brought her to our little shooting day with one of my beloved photographer and friend, Luca Perrin and we started working together! As I don’t like that much and amount makeup  and charging my face with lots of foundation and all these artifices(excepted If I have a special shooting with a magazine, on studio etc),I requested her to apply me a simple makeup with  ”nude” lipstick and light pinky eye shadow. I sincerely loved the result!

By the way, It was time for my red lather faded jacket to come out of my closet which I’ve honestly never worn it! That’s why I associated it with my favorite boyfriend jean(Psst,you can find it on my BlogShop). Can’t help talking too much but while I was browsing  the net in order to find a new biker jacket I may would maybe wear for the up coming Black Fashion Week in Paris( can’t wait to be there!), I fell in love with three biker jackets I wanted to share with you.  Wishlist here we are!
1. Macys Leather Moto blue Jacket / 2. Neiman Marcus Black & White jacket / 3. Faith Connexion Jacketred-heels-red-biker-jacket-casual-style3 red-heels-red-biker-jacket-casual-style1 red-heels-red-biker-jacket-casual-style03red-heels-red-biker-jacket-casual-style04 red-heels-red-biker-jacket-casual-style4
I was wearing: 1. Doma Red biker Jacket or here / 2. BOYFRIEND JEANS or my BlogShop / 3. Red peep toe flowers heels sale728x90 how-choose-beauty-products-skincare-


728x90_HUDSONSkater-skirt-floral-sweater-black-style4Before talking about my beloved skater skirt, today, I tested a new trendy bag that I couldn’t help giving you some feedback! I had the chance to try the new Bellini Saffiano Leather Red Satchel bag few days ago, and I must say the quality is perfect for the price! It’s a cutie red bag which has a great chic design with a perfect size to parading around, days and nights! This bag is from PocketLabel, a Fashion bag brand based in New York and Bangkok. It’s in fact an online boutique specializing in unique luxury handbag brands. They curate individual limited collection pieces for chic, modern women on the go so guys hope you will recognized yourself in their new bag collection Here !

By the way, It’s been age since I last wear or showed you a skater skirt outfit. As I said,out of all of the skirts options out there recently(leather skit precisely), my absolute favorite kind has to be the skater skirt. In my opinion, I think skater skirts are universally flattering on every single body type. They’re easy to wear, they can be made casual or more dressy, they’re comfortable, and they’re relatively inexpensive (usually). I personally love all of the options they bring along.

However, just because they’re versatile doesn’t mean we all know exactly how to style them.(I often got some problem of trying a way to wear them simply). I once got stuck in a skater skirt rut where all I did was pair them with tucked in, button-down shirts….How boring It got fast. So guys, that’s why I tried to wear my ChicWish Skater Skirt with a Floral Crop Sweater. Change the rules & try new ways to wear you skater skirt.  Pssst… hope you saw my new Online Shop. Have a nice day!Skater-skirt-floral-sweater-black-style1 Skater-skirt-floral-sweater-black-style7 Skater-skirt-floral-sweater-black-style5 Skater-skirt-floral-sweater-black-style3 Skater-skirt-floral-sweater-black-style2 Skater-skirt-floral-sweater-black-style Skater-skirt-floral-sweater-black-style. Skater-skirt-floral-sweater-black-style8 Skater-skirt-floral-sweater-black-style4I was wearing: 1. ChicWish Skater Skirt / 2. POCKETLABEL Red Bag sss15 Collection / 3. SIMILAR Sweat: Swingy Floral Cropped Cardigans or here / 4. Similar Heels: Jimmy choo tease sandal or heresale728x90best-holidays-places-spain-alicante-summer-lifestyle21



chic-outfit-luxury-jewels-style-inspiration2flowy-long-skirt-mint-green-summer-style0Well, I think this post will be the first article I won’t spend 5 hours talking about my devoted and unconditional love for fashion, and give you some tips spreaded over 2-3 pages because it’s sunday guys and not only because it’s also a chilling day! The main reason is because I’m tired… In fact, after having worked a lot which has kept me obviously awake at nights, forced me not having any social life, eating just salad and fruits(My Instagram‘s Gallery will prove it), I finally created my little BLOGSHOP (clic clic clic and tell me what you think about it ) on Tumblr! 

To be honest, I didn’t want to incorporate it on this blog because I wanted some more interactions with people around the world. I mean by this, they or you, will be able to share, repost, like all products you saw on this blog directly on Tumblr, and of course most similar items I wear on my daily life will be shared there. Isn’t it cool? Please give it a try and enjoy your shopping on this new ShopBlog Platform. Oh, and I strongly recommend you to use your Laptop..Yes the mobile version isn’t good! (I sincerely don’t like it). By the way guys,have a lovely sunday!flowy-long-skirt-mint-green-summer-style2 flowy-long-skirt-mint-green-summer-style1flowy-long-skirt-mint-green-summer-style3flowy-long-skirt-mint-green-summer-style8 flowy-long-skirt-mint-green-summer-style5 flowy-long-skirt-mint-green-summer-style6 flowy-long-skirt-mint-green-summer-style7I was wearing: 1. SIMILAR Peter Pan collar Chiffon shirt or Here / 2.  Diavolina Alessa Pointed toe Heels or CHEAP Price Here / 3. Mint Green Flowy Skirt / 4. Skull Head Rings Evening Bag or Here




Style = Self Expression. It’s how you express our inner being, outwardly. Your thoughts, emotions, interests and values.

That’s what she said recently in one of her last post. How couldn’t I resist to follow her? This fashion blogger is quite special because she doesn’t only share with the world her passion for clothes, luxury products and so on but she’s the first blogger who gives and writes a lots of positive thoughts and push people not to give up in their everyday goals life. Therefore, what is more interesting with her, is that she focuses her blog only by giving good advice which are most of the time very relevants and constructive.  It really changes from what we are using to see on Fashion blogs ruined by talented bloggers like her! This is the main reason I couldn’t miss her and share with you this new philosopher blogger!
shop-your-favotire-bloggers-styleMG_9736Capture d’écran 2014-06-14 à 17.45.21
My name is Nicole Jarvis from and I’m based in Switzerland the watches and cheeses country!  However, I’ve been living in Switzerland for the past four years. So I speak English, Spanish and French because my dad is English and my mother is Colombian. I am a fervent lover and passionate about understanding people’s feelings and their ways of expressing themselves, so I thinkfashion helps a lot in that.Coccole-Jarvis-Axel-Galzin©2014-133
 Capture d’écran 2014-06-13 à 00.27.40
Well, I  believe I first fell in love with fashion at the age of 5! I remember one morning in my mum’s bathroom waiting for her to do my hair before going to school, and I asked her: why do you wear make up and get pretty every day? She said: “Remember Nicole, you always have to get pretty for yourself, not to impress anyone, but for you.” When you see yourself in the mirror and you are happy with what you are wearing, that’s the most important lesson, if you are happy with what you are wearing and how you present yourself then that’s the most important thing in fashion.  One of  the good thing I alway remind to my friends is that  woman’s fashion has a huge variety of different styles! By that,  everyday is a new day because we can wear what we desire, it’s also depend on how we feel.Axel_Galzin©2014-391

Capture d’écran 2014-06-12 à 23.37.54
I don’t really think I have any favourite piece haha I’m really not a person that attaches to things. But maybe my Tiffany & Co ring. My mum gave it to me when I turned 18 and I’m always wearing it,  I said to myself that my next Tiffany ring will be a diamond with the money from my own success. 
Capture d’écran 2014-07-02 à 09.13.58
That’s a really good question. I believe that anything in life, if you love what you do, you have this amazing drive and motivation in life for doing that. If you aren’t passionate at it, it just won’t happen. You need to know EXACTLY what you want, and from there, how to get it. And DO something different, the different are the ones that make the difference. 
Capture d’écran 2014-06-14 à 17.52.24
I have a number of people I work with, really talented people. I feel honored to work with people that create art. So many thanks to Thierry Galeuchet, Tiff Wear, Axel Galzin, Jorge Pozuelo, Pilar Nieto and of course my baby sister Natalie Jarvis.  

Capture d’écran 2014-06-14 à 18.01.00
Yes, though there is nothing better than buying something you actually want. Because it’s your taste and personality. And buying something gives it value, a sentimental anchor in something materialistic.
 Capture d’écran 2014-06-13 à 00.48.48
I believe it’s the “making people” read my articles, literally read the words that I am saying. It’s very easy to get pretty pictures and look good, show the products and the style you have, but I want to give to everyone a little more than that. Actual words with messages to make you succeed in life. To make you everyday, a happier and better person.
 Capture d’écran 2014-06-13 à 01.13.24
I think the really Hermes orange is going to be huge this winter, colours from dior’s pink to rouge bordeaux de Valentino. Colours from the 20’s to 40’s. I’m quite sure, the artchitectual shapes of clothes are going to make the curves of a woman look so sexy without being vulgar, like the tube skirts. Or really volumenus skirts like in the 50’s. Just wait and see!Coccole-Jarvis-Axel-Galzin©2014-133
They are so many. I really like Blake Lively, always so chic and knows what works for her. And Carolina Herrera, I kind of see myself like her when Im “older” always perfect and classy.

What I love most about blogging is that you can give something out to the world, something positive, kind words, an escape of routine to make you dream with amazing photography and kind words. Creating a little view of the future.  And expressing myself. 

I see my blog as my company. Fashion isn’t about just trousers and skirts, it’s about the story that comes behind it, the mistory and the person that wears it. And that’s what I will create, dreams. The desire of being part of something big. Coccole-Jarvis-Axel-Galzin©2014-133
Capture d’écran 2014-06-14 à 19.36.20After reading this interview  of our lovely  Nicole Jarvis Fashion blogger, I really hope you enjoyed reading  her #COMBBS interview. Please, if you haven’t read the last fashion blogger discovery, just clic here and follow you best blogger on Instagram. Stay also update for some news coming soon on the blog! Have a nice day guysmint-green-bandana-print-little-dress9 photo Michelle2_zps0b162556.png   photo Michelle4_zps453ec8e1.png


134161Meeting this very new fashion blogger has been one of my favorite interview for  a while. Of course there is some few reasons: She incredible intelligent, she thinks further, she’s sensitive and obviously the one who loves to care about people. Hope you’ll feel thought this interview what I’m talking about. Discover this lovely emerging Fashion blogger in the #COMBBS Team!

When you don’t have people who support you no matter how hard you tried, you just have to find a strength in yourself in oder to keep going…

shop-your-favotire-bloggers-styledsc0154Capture d’écran 2014-07-02 à 09.30.03My name is Federica Zinno from I’m 20 years old and live in Naples a big port city from Italy with my family and my little chiwawa dog. I’m a student of Federico II and I’m currently studying Technology Alimentary and writing. My city has a lots of museums,galleries and attractions which are not very expensive and you should really come there because the city provides an excellent food and beautiful views to enjoy the sunset. So if you want to  spend a few days in my native city I will be happy to advise most fascinating places to go and see!
Capture d’écran 2014-06-13 à 00.27.40
I first get interested into fashion world when I was a little child and precisely while I was watching “America’s Next Top Model”, an American reality show in which you can see lots of beautiful supermodel by Tyra Banks! I always had a strong interest in what I was wearing, I loved so much designing my own clothing, shoes, and accessories. Therefore, time to time I began to appreciate helping other such as making some choices about what they could wear and how they could match their accessories, so to help them look great. Most people will judge you within the first second of meeting you and their opinion will most likely never change. Making a good first impression is incredibly important for me.
Capture d’écran 2014-07-02 à 09.13.58
As I’m quite a new fashion blogger because I started blogging 2 months ago, my advice is to write a post at least twice a week; use a lots of social media network and the most important thing is to socialize with other people who have the same interests, in order to get some answers in blogging problems that you can’t resolve by your own for example. There are so many other reason!
Similar:  1. Michael Kors Fluffy Jacket – Genevieve or Michelle Keegan Faux Fur Cropped Jacket / 2Fartfetch Floral Print Trouser or Sweet Floral Printing Elastic Leggings / 3. ASOS Vintage sunglasses / 4. Office Kozy Diamante Slipper Nude Flats
Capture d’écran 2014-07-02 à 09.15.41
Well, fashion is everywhere: you can find on streets and observe the reality surrounding and then have a brilliant idea that can takes you to success.To be honest, before starting blogging, I was thinking to be only focused on an extravagance in oder to find pleasure in being watched and photographed.However, this idea changed and now I’m thinking of starting to create a personal collection and open eCommerce platform.
Capture d’écran 2014-07-02 à 09.17.28
hmmh good question! I don’t have a favorite color, I prefer to mix colors! There are people who dream of exotic places. I always dream about being in some big cities like New York where you can be whoever you want, because people won’t juge you by your style or your appearance!

Capture d’écran 2014-07-02 à 09.22.38
Usually my style doesn’t match with my personality, I change all the time. One day I can be a charismatic woman with a sophisticated style and the other you’ll see me wearing a comfortable clothe -denim jeans and tee with comfy sneakers. In fact, it depends on the place where I will go that day.
Capture d’écran 2014-07-02 à 09.22.27My biggest supporter has  always been myself.  I must admit..No one has been with me through my struggles. Sometimes when you don’t have people around you who can support what you are doing, your projets even no matter how hard you tried, you just have to find a strength in yourself in oder to keep going. At the end, you are the master of your own fate. You are the captain of your soul. You see, my favorite fashion icon is Chiara Ferragni because she was the first fashion bloggers to give away this reality and therefore she had a great success in a short time because she always has been herself and fighting to be an icon. That’s why her career is certainly the main reason to admire her.Uploaded ToWELCOME TO OUR NEW MUSE BLOGGER!
Similar: 1. NewLook Pink Pleated skater skirt / 2. Free People Run A Round Tee / 3. Seldona Platform Sandals
Capture d’écran 2014-06-14 à 18.07.01Well, having a website is like a personal diary. The main difference is that on the Internet you can share your thoughts with over 2 millions or more other passionates like you with a simple click. So,you can make your voice heard.  I love the fact that people interact with me and with a blog you can feel less alone.
Capture d’écran 2014-06-14 à 18.07.27
Is the classic question that no one has an answer ready! I don’t have a specific plane. I would like to go further by having fun. I am prepared to learn new things and really, five years is in a long time and I prefer to live the moment. Sometimes you find new passions unexpectedly. I think you have to be flexible and to accept the .right proposals

Capture d’écran 2014-07-02 à 09.30.24
If you have a dream, there’s nothing wrong to work hard and to sacrifice a lot of your time in oder to succeed in what you want to do. Nowadays, working in a business full-time especially in the Internet has become more and more difficult: you have be a patient person with nerves of steel. However, we all need some break and turn off what we’re currently doing. I mean, we can be fully present in something else too. Whether it’s an afternoon at the cinema, a painting class, or a full day and a night of relaxation. No one is forcing us to live a busy life. However, we’re do this because we want to feel a sense of our purpose, commitment, and achievement. So guys, “Don’t put off until tomorrow that you can do today”!

Capture d’écran 2014-06-14 à 19.36.20Here we finally are at the end of this 4th interview from our gore ours Federica Fashion blogger! I really hope you enjoyed reading  her #COMBBS interview. Please, if you haven’t read the last fashion blogger discovery, just clic here and follow you best blogger on Instagram. Stay also update for some news coming soon on the blog! Have a nice day guysmint-green-bandana-print-little-dress9 photo Michelle2_zps0b162556.png   photo Michelle4_zps453ec8e1.png



chic-outfit-luxury-jewels-style-inspiration2Leather cocktail dresses! Okey I know they’re not the only dresses option to wear at the moment. I promise, you don’t have to resemble to a skeleton star in order to wear a leather dress.  And if you’re not convinced by wearing one of the gorgeous dresses I’ve chosen for you, you should know this: Empire style leather dresses, pleated skirts, mandarin collars and leather dresses with a combination of fabrics are other choices!  If worn right, a leather dress is a versatile basic, so please guys, avoid over accessorizing. Be chic and minimalist! Just because that leather dress is tough doesn’t mean you need to pair it with loads of bold accessories. Add something to soften the look like a silk scarf or girly peep-toe pumps or just one gorgeous pearl necklace like the one I’m wearing. As u understood,a simple bracelet or cocktail ring is all the jewelry necessary. Soften your hair style, or add a sweet hair clip to balance the tough girl look. A pair of pointy or stripy heels and a colorful wrap or cardigan fulfills the basics is perfect for a leather dress.

chic-outfit-luxury-jewels-style-inspiration2 As I know it’s not sometime easy to find the perfect leather dress(We are not often comfy in it), I made the job for you and now you have six lovely cocktail leather dress you should have in you closet! They are chic,and you’ll be well-dressed for a meeting evening or just for having a drink with you friend! Enjoy this little list.
1. Calvin Klein Faux-Leather Pleated Dress / 2.  Nimesa Faux Leather Strappy Swing Dress / 3. Oasap Paneled Dress / 4. Carmen leather Cocktail Dress(Similar to my dress) / 5. Alice Olivia Dress – Simoes Bustier Leather, 6. NEO dress by BlazerBetty

SIMILAR(Not the same) Dress: 1. Leather Trimmed Fit And-Flare Dress, 2. Aidan Mattox Cocktail Dress , 3. NEO dress by BlazerBetty / Guess Footwear Heels HERE /Ily Couture Pearl Custler NECKLACE /SIMILAR  Sainty Svart Croco Print Clutch Faux-Croco BAG 



What makes the perfect summer accessory ? When temperatures are at their peak! So look for items that combine form and function, shielding you from hazardous UV-rays while adding a touch of style. Choose clothes that not only make you look good, but also feel good as you throw off the dark, drab days of winter for the fun-packed, sun-soaked days of summer. As the weather heats up, you should throw off your wool coats and heavy sweaters in favor of cool and breezy summer styles! Of course, not everyone has the cash to invest in a whole new summer wardrobe every year and I know what I’m talking about! So guys, instead, focus on fashionableadd-ons to freshen up your look without breaking the bank. Bags, shoes and other accessories allow you to try new trends without spending a fortune ortaking a major fashion risk. With this sun that finally showing its face big time, we are more than ready to break out our summer wardrobes isn’t it? So I want to make sure you’re covered in the accessory department as well.

Capture d’écran 2014-06-28 à 01.11.22Did you remember my last article here talking about my new jewel discovery with the brand Designed by Nature? Here  you have a special 25% discount code for all the products by using the code:  ”wallace25” on their website(link above).  You can also have  20% off on LindseyMarie jewelry by using the code ” keshi20 ”  here. All in all, from sunset printed shoes to a popcorn-inspired purse, I’ve rounded up 36 ultimate summer accessories, both inspired-by and ideal for this season. From makeup bags to jelly flats, they’re all here, folks. So what are you waiting for? enjoy these gorgeous accessories I’ve selected for you just by clicking on your favorite items

Capture d’écran 2014-06-28 à 00.38.43


Capture d’écran 2014-06-17 à 15.08.46For those who follow me on Instagram, I announced I was invited to assist at second edition of Africa Fashion Show 2014! It was held  in Geneva and organised by Crucible Events and Planners. How excited I was! So impressed to discover how this event organisation proved a huge success bringing together designers and creativity all over the continent to celebrate African arts, fashion and culture over two days. The first day of the event on the lush Château des Penthes grounds started by a fashion show with diverse entertainment from the Africa continent. 

The fashion was just as fascinating with vibrant prints I saw in Tanzanias Malleni, Ghanas Manyeyo and Cubas EmmaFor designers collection. Guinea Designer blended the colours and patterns of Cuba and Africa in her Metisse collection, gorgeous kaftans for both men and women from Moroccan label A la Pointe du Caftan, eclectic looks from Burundis CyMun and dapper menswear by Nigerias Baldon Clothiers. Attended by the members of the Swiss diplomatic and business community as well as African ambassadors and country representative and prominent Swiss press and bloggers, the event also provided a beautiful setting for cocktails and networking in the verdant gardens of Domain du Penthes overlooking Lake Geneva.

Capture d’écran 2014-06-17 à 15.13.25On Saturday, 31 May 2014, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Geneva played host to a grander affair as VIP guests were treated to pre-show cocktails where we had the chance to view beautiful designs by one of Nigerias leading fashion designers Deola Sagoe. Opening the show was A la Pointe du Caftan with even more opulent kaftans followed by pretty prints from EmmaFor. After buffet dinner offering us a taste of African cuisine and more opportunities for networking, the runway continued with some show-stopping evening looks from Tanzanias Malleni Designs and gorgeous evening wear by Manyeyo

Last but not least, with a spectacular grand finale was the Brazilian designer Tony Palha from Fashion Inclusive Brazil, an AFSG(Africa Fashion Show Geneva) partner. Just in time for the World Cup taking place in his homeland, Palha celebrated the link between Africa the Amazon and the diversity of Brazil with his glamorous collection Afroamazonica. I think It’s a new era in fashion! Geneva is rebranding itself by embracing appreciating African roots, culture, art and fashion. Working with local models, artists and businesses, AFSG 2014, the largest event in the Geneva region, showed the finest of Africas talents in arts, music and fashion. I hope the future event will promote masterpieces by leading and upcoming fashion designers across Africa. Now you can enjoy the amazing collection from these designers below!

I was wearing : 1. Black asymmetric zip large clutch bag or similar HERE / 2. Omega Chain Necklace / 3. ASOS Apricot trench Coat or HERE / 4. Black Jumpsuit / 5. ASOS Gold Smooth Rings / 6. Chanel Fragrance Perfume / Complete Outfit HERE / Photographers & Image Crédit: Michael Mba / S TWO Media




I was honored to be part of the H&M showroom collection #14 that was held in Zurich one of the biggest city in Switzerland. They presented their Autumn/Winter 2014 Studio line to bloggers and press lately. For next season, you’ll have a multiples of choice to wear  from faux gorgeous fur coats to beautiful satin dress. H&M add also emphasis on silk …pure perfection!  I noticed some chunky knits that matched perfectly with a  lush leather pants and sporty bomber jackets. My favorite piece was the gorgeous faux fur on the pictures below and I can’t wait for the 4th of september, when the limited line will on be in select stores all over the world


J’ai eu l’honneur d’être présente lors du Showroom d’H&M à Zurich une des grande villes de Suisse dernièrement! Ils ont présenté leur dernière collection Automne/Hiver 2014  dans laquelle l’esprit ludique et sophistiqué de la femme bohème d’aujourd’hui a été mise en avant.  J’ai adoré voir les looks allant du plus naturel, séduisant au chic en toute circonstance. Cette collection H&M Studio a été présentée à l’occasion de la Fashion Week de Paris. Le contraste masculin-féminin y était omniprésent : des blazers d’homme, des blousons de motard ou des vestes d’aviateur on été ainsi associés à des tops à effet drapé et des robes. Beaucoup de velour et cachemire étaient présent sur les vêtements ainsi que les broderies, de la dentelle. Sans oublier bien sûre les accessoires in-con-tour-na-ble tels que les bottines pointu à talons hauts ou plats, en cuir métallisé ou patchwork. Mon gros coup de coeur durant le showroom reste le manteau blanc fausse fourrure! En tout qu’à, j’ai hâte de découvrir cette collection disponible à partir du 4 septembre dans les enseignes d’H&M ainsi qu’en ligne!















High waist JAMES JEANS  HERE / Boy. By Band of Outsiders Blazer HERE /  ASOS Head Strong Sandals HERE / MICHAEL KORS HERE & similar cheep price  HERE / Boohoo Crop Top HERE / LIKED the post? Follow my feed HERE
Zalando's Blogger Awards 2014




Things went so fast from last week until now! So excited about lots of news that are coming! Ohlala I cant wait to tell you! First of all, as you might have noticed Quentin didn’t shoot me this time. The reason is simply because he has been so much busy with school and exams lately that he didn’t have even a little time for me! That’s why I’m currently collaborating with another fantastic Videographer & photographer Jorge De Silva who provides an amazing work! I couldn’t wait anymore to share our first collaboration as you see in this post! But wait a minute…while I’m writing to you, I’m thinking about the title of this article…


with all these gorgeous pictures and of course a new collaboration I’ve made(I’ll talk a little bit about it in few seconds), how couldn’t I call this article ”Garden of Eden” ? Well it’s may sounds a bit too kitschy but, really, you should come in this  ”Jardin Botanic”place based in the high up my city just in the main forest…so wonderful! Of course I did these fabulous pictures there because the lovely little ring you’re seeing on my fingers is from a new ecological and not common brand I’ve discovered recently. Have you ever heard about ”Designed by nature?” if not, you should! I promise, it’s a new emerging brand in London which has lovingly made jewellery, accessories and homeware inspired by ever-changing nature! They said that we always find inspiration in nature at first glance. In addition, seasonality, life-cycle exotic plants and endless life forms fills us up with energy and evoke wide range of emotions. I agree totally! That’s why this first collection of Designed by Nature is about exotic flowers, immortalised moments in time of plants’ different phases.  I wanted to point something out through this collaboration: I noticed how badly the systematic destruction evastation of natural resources are interrupting the delicate ecological balance of the planet. There has been rapid climatic changes taking place those days such as damage to nature, to rain forests and the disappearance of millions of species! The resources of planet earth such as water, earth, the air we breathe, trees and the oceans are being also destroyed. I considered important to show you another way to create a simple jewel that could remind us about what we are loosing in destructing our beautiful mother nature. I think jewelry is a constant reminder to whoever wears it that he or she has the ability to influence the future of planet Earth. Now you know what’s waiting for you guys, start your thursday by discovering this new brand HERE and spread the love around you.

Fotor0527233257Nothing special about fashion excepted that you can shop everything I wear on Instagram directly in this new concept LikeToKnowIt App. So sorry to talk too much today but I have so many things to tell you! I want a new beginning with my blog by introducing a very new topic! As I started blogging for seriously about 4-5 months ago now, I wanted to add a new topic ”Best bloggers” on the blog in order to discuss about what are other fashion bloggers interest, how they see fashion industry, they can share their lifestyle,their vision of business on blogging,their experience and finally there sometimes will be several contest between bloggers I’m going to collaborate with. When the concept will be more concrete and the project more specific I’ll contact some bloggers to go further. I want of course a really mutual collaboration and a friendship cooperation in order to increase our mutual experiences! By this new rubric, my purpose is of course to have a new concept on my blog and have a little fun with the other bloggers! If you’re interested in this project you can email, it will be a great pleasure to talk to you!













Orchid Buds Silver Ring HERE / H&M Silk Short SIMILAR HERE / H&M Silk Top SIMILAR HERE / URBAN OUTFITTERS Sneakers HERE / Rut & Circle Blazer HERECult Gaia The Sunflower Crown HERE / Photographer / LIKED the post? Follow my feed HERE







MONDAY & Good news!

This week, you are going to be very spoiled because you know what? I’m happily announcing you the beginning of the in collaboration with my blog! So you guys will be able to win a luxury fashion jewel & will shine for your future night out! It’s just all about winning a luxury necklace or bracelet from this emerging designer LindseyMarie Jewels. There’s of course one condition! Hehe I was honored to design my own new Jessica jewel by LindseyMarie brand with 9 other international Fashion bloggers HERE. The ultimatum for you  is simply to vote for my designed jewel which is Jessica by Wallace Yolicia – Purple Amethyst ! So are you ready? Then follow the rules before being the luckiest winner!


Bonnes nouvelles! Je vous annonce ma collaboration avec la luxueuse marque LindseyMarie ! J’ai eu l’honneur de pouvoir créer un bijoux et donc de participer au concours reliant 9 autres International fashion bloggers. Il vous suffit de voter pour ma création ICI (C’est le bijoux Jessica by Wallace Yolicia – Purple Amethyst), ce qui vous inscrira au concours dont le cadeau est une des magnifique créations à choisir sur le site! Merci énormément d’avance et que la chance soit avec nous!





Hell yeah! exams exams and I’m still preparing for the exams! It’s been age since I last post something on the blog but I’m currently working for some new projects and can’t wait to share them with you! As you probably have seen, this is the main period and the last one for students to be ready for their exams. Therefore, stress and anxiety are our best enemy in these moments right? so for those who are ”suffering” from this same situation like me and don’t know how to revising well here you have some tips you can work before exams & I hope they will help you!


First of all, if you’re just reading through your notes it’s the worst possible way to revise.  Well, perhaps not the worst possible, but it’s not really the best solution.  The more you can be engaged in the revision, the better you will remember.  Memory is not a box in one part of your brain that things are either in or out.  Memory is spread out everywhere: there’s verbal memory, visual memory, audio memory, muscle memory, all sorts.  The more your brain does informations, the more you will see better progress on your revisions. So don’t just read.  Make up poems and mnemonics or summarize the notes by setting them to music for example.  Extract key points and write them down yourself somewhere – even if you’re just copying them out, this is better than just reading, since more of your brain is involved.  Make up quizzes and do them, write limericks and get active! Secondly, before the exams ,If you have to stay up all night to do last minute revision, you’ve already failed.  It doesn’t work – you end up so tired in the exam that you can’t work anything out.  It might work for the first one or two exams in a year, but you won’t be able to keep it up throughout a whole series of exams. In fact, you can’t ignore your body if you want your brain to work at its best. Finally, the last night before your exams, switch off’ before going to bed: stop working at least an hour before you intend to sleep and spend the time doing something more relaxing such as listening to music, talking to a friend, having a bath, doing relaxation exercises, taking a stroll.


The day of the exams, stuffing your body with full of sugar, or some Red-Bull type drink just before will work fine for the first hour or so, but by the end of a three-hour exam you’ll have completely run out of energy. Eat enough to feel satisfied but not so much as to feel full. If you eat a big breakfast or lunch before your exams, you will feel drowsy and heavy. Your body’s energy will be focused on the digestive process rather than on providing your brain with the energy it needs to function efficiently. Instead, try a light lunch such as a salad with chicken or salmon. So, eat enough to feel satisfied but not so much as to feel full. If you eat a big breakfast or lunch before an exam, you will feel drowsy and heavy. Your body’s energy will be focused on the digestive process rather than on providing your brain with the energy it needs to function efficiently. Instead, try a light lunch such as a salad with chicken or salmon.Eat enough to feel satisfied but not so much as to feel full. If you eat a big breakfast or lunch before an exam, you will feel drowsy and heavy. Your body’s energy will be focused on the digestive process rather than on providing your brain with the energy it needs to function efficiently. Instead, try a light lunch such as a salad with chicken or salmon.So you need some food that will slowly release energy like pasta, fish or eggs and let’s rocky these exams!

exams-techniques-tips-tricksAnyway, this is one of my last look I did with Quentin  just before starting revising. I have so much works to do that can take everything on!  as you know to take on too much ends up by not achieving very much at all & expecially while you’re having your exams. That’s why I need to make a little break on the blog at the moment otherwise I will be in stress!  However, I’m still very active on social channels so be sure I’ll bomb you with my daily pictures on FLINKInstagramFacebook & Twitter! Ohh be also free to ask me any questions you want to know about the blog, tips, advice because I’m now on (Yeah I finally created an account ! ). Have a lovely sunday and share your thoughts below.