My Blog has become a brand that represents me, my style and approach to fashion. Girls and women from all over the world turn to WallaceYolicia Blog for fashion ideas, advice and inspiration. Global brand recognize me as a blog influencer, which is why they repeatedly seek me out for collaborations. I work with a talent team of photographers to help ensure every brand project is professional, engaging and ultimately, effective. I’m Yolicia, a 20 year old blogger based in Switzerland. Passionate about fashion, beauty and media journalism, I love spreading this unconditional love for fashion around the world. When I don’t study, I’m enjoying talking about fashion on the radio every week.



When did you first become interested in fashion?
Well my interest in fashion began at a very young age, I think I was about 5 or 6 years old don’t really remember! I was watching Naomi Campbell catwalk during a fashion show on TV, and I was immediately intrigued by all these people who were watching her,writing in their notebooks, and photographing this magical moment. After that, I imagined myself writing some articles about fashion in a magazine, speaking on television about new trends, sharing my personal thoughts and interviewing world famous models. Over time, my interest became bigger and bigger, so I decided 8 months ago to create my own fashion blog in order to spread my love, and share my daily outfits with passionate fashion lovers like me.

How and why you started your blog. Why do you love it?
I started blogging because I’m actually finishing my degree in order to go to university for media journalism. My ultimate goal is to work with media and television, so all in all I wanted to collaborate with well-known journalists and to join them. I wanted to set myself apart from other future journalism students. Blogging is the best kind of ‘’work’’ and the best thing that has happened to me. Although it’s so hard to succeed in, everyday is different; you meet new readers and you befriend influential bloggers. I love blogging and I definitely want to continue with it!shop-your-favotire-bloggers-styleBlack-Afro-Fashion-Bloggers-

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    1. wallaceyolicia

      Oh really? ooh I’m very happy that you like my blog! How interesting to hear that you’re in Switzerland! I live in Neuchatel just next to Biel(Bienne) and you? And of course we can see each other,it would be a pleasure to
      meet you :) So you can add me on Facebook : Wallace Yolicia(send me a message and then I’ll add you).


  1. girlychristina

    You have such a gorgeous blog!! =) If possible, please post in English b/c I, like most Americans, only speak one language. Lame, I know! lol. Thanks for checking out my blog! I’m looking forward to reading more of yours!!


    1. wallaceyolicia

      Hello! I would to thank you for this comment first because of your compliment! :) Yes you’re right,it would be better if I wrote it in English too!!! Haha so I’ll try to do my best for my future articles(I don’t guarantee a perfect article with without faults on it )and the other articles that I’ve done,I will translate them into English. I’ll check your blog too as soon as I have time more :). And thanks again for your comment because it made me think!


      1. girlychristina

        LOL! You’re welcome!
        Even though I can’t read most of your blog, it’s still BEAUTIFUL! The pictures of your posts are wonderful so that is something to be proud of IMO. =)


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