Iris-Ink-summer-accessories-pieces-wallace-yoliciaWallace-YOlicia-bloggers-black-destroyed-jeans-floppy-hat-faux-fur-coat-leather-biker-style0My dear Swissy life is chaotic with that shit and incomprehensible weather or to be more clear – here in Switzerland, the moody weather sucks a lot! One day it’s shining and you can parading around with you most fabulous dresses and the following day, you have to get your umbrella out, put some waterproof boots on because ”it’s raining men” oh and not mentioning the cough and cold you may catch at the end of the day! This said, after my Disneyland and Paris trip with my mother, I was brought down earth because I had to face the reality again concerning my studies: I had to revise my second semester University exams wuhu what a joy you can’t imagine… Therefore, I’m a bit afraid not passing well some exams because I’ve been quite busy with blogging and I admit that managing school and passion is not so easy as we think. However, it doesn’stop me to force myself to keep going even if sometimes motivation isn’t really around.

By the way, as I said, despite the fact I love living in Switzerland, I hate when it plays that bad weather game! However, whether it’s raining, blowing, I’m always trying to stay stylish without trying hard. My black capeline hat is one of my favorite accessories so while combining it with a fur gilet  and a destroyed jeans, the all black everything style tends to look different! I definitively recommend you to rock your outfits during bad weather days because as you should wear neutral and plain colors, you can give a try to bold pieces nothing is ever too much!

Find similar clothing: Capeline at Selfridges /Fur Gilet at Boohoo or at FrenchConnection / Black biker jacket at HouseOfFraser  / Black destroyed jeans at Shoptiques / Studded boots at TheOutnet or at Next / PocketLabel Bag(no more available) but similar at MonnierFreres /

wallaceyolicia-black-destroyed-jeans-floppy-hat-faux-fur-coat-leather-biker-style0 -black-destroyed-jeans-floppy-hat-faux-fur-coat-leather-biker-stylewallace-yolicia-black-destroyed-jeans-floppy-hat-faux-fur-coat-leather-biker-stylewallace-yolicia-black-destroyed-jeans-floppy-hat-faux-fur-coat-leather-biker-style0 black-bloggers-wallace-yolicia-destroyed-jeans-floppy-hats-faux-fur-coat-leather-biker-style0 -black-destroyed-jean-floppy-hat-faux-fur-coat-leather-biker-style_meitu_1wallace-yolicia-black-chunky-flat-shoes-destroyed-jean-floppy-hat-faux-fur-coat-leather-biker-styleblack-destroyed-jeans-floppy-hat-faux-fur-coat-leather-biker-styleFind similar clothing: Capeline at Selfridges /Fur Gilet at Boohoo or at FrenchConnection / Black biker jacket at HouseOfFraser  / Black destroyed jeans at Shoptiques / Studded boots at TheOutnet or at Next / PocketLabel Bag(no more available) but similar at MonnierFreres /

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    1. wallaceyolicia

      ouuh my dear I’m so glad we are on the same wavelength! Yes we shouldn’t give up because passion make us become stronger. And as you said, managing all the things we do make us realize that nothing is impossible so yes we are some kind of superwomen :)
      Thanks for being part of my blogging world Sugar
      much love xx


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