missguided-summer-spring-style-2015-wallace-yolicia-style-bloggers-brown-fringes-bags-white-spring-summer-shorts-gypsie-boho-topsDear readers, may I thank you for always being too kind to me? I can’t really express that feeling hidden deep within my heart but I’m lucky and thankful for having you everyday on the blog and by my sides, following my crazy,awkward and funniest moments on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram! By the day, I’m sharing today my last Coachella inspired look which is one of my favorite so far because of  my lace gold blouse. Unfortunately, as I bought it in a flea market, I’m not able to give you the accurate brand. However, after having browsed the web, I found a similar one at Yoox ‘s shop!

I’m currently craving for different shades of gold  and as there are lots of glamorous ways to wear this color tone, it’s become a big trend right now especially for the coming summer season! I mean, there’s plenty of shades variety, styles, and choices available so you can wear gold even if you’ve previously avoided it such as on accessories. Even if you’re not a fan of standard shades, there are still lots of fantastic ways to wear gold with which to experiment. Just play around with different variations and find something that complements your skin tone, your hair, or the color of your eyes!

For instance, get into the trend by starting out small or keeping things slow. As I said, you can incorporate gold accessories in your wardrobe and experiment not only with different color variations, but also with different items. Therefore, by going this route, you can add a little glow to your outfit without acting wearing gold. I also advise you to try on gold shoes because they are utterly fabulous, so you can easily go with some glittery heels that have a lot of texture, or a smooth, metallic ballet flat. Not to mention also the amazing sandals that are ideal for summer, if you like showing your toes while wearing golden shoes, paint them in a color that provides a colorful contrast such as coral, bright red or even dark green. All in all, I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit inspiration and let’s see how you’ll rock your spring and summer vibes!white-spring-summer-shorts-gypsie-boho-tops-wallaceyolicia_meitu_17 wallace-yolicia-brown-swiss-blogs-fringes-bags-white-spring-summer-shorts-gypsie-boho-tops white-spring-summer-short-hippie-gypsie-boho-tops white-spring-summer-shorts-hippie-gypsie-boho-tops-wallace-yolicia-swiss-blogger-brown-fringes-bags-white-spring-summer-shorts-gypsie-boho-tops-wallace-yolicia-white-spring-summer-shorts-gypsie-boho-tops_meitu_16 -white-spring-summer-shorts-gypsie-boho-tops_meitu_18 -wallace-yolicia-brown-fringe-bags-white-spring-summer-shorts-gypsie-boho-topsSimilar gold lace blouse at Yoox / Brown fine bag at Nelly.comSimilar white short at Mango / Similar sunset sunglasses at Boutique 1 / Similar shoes at Yoox

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