Fashion-Week-Paris-designers-collection4Capture d’écran 2014-06-11 à 09.46.01

It’s friday folks! so glad to be on the blog again and to finally share what I’ve promised to you on my latest post : the second edition of the black Fashion week that was held in Paris two weeks ago. I’m always thankful when I see you’re loving more and more every single post I publish especially when I share with you some little opportunities I’m honored to do and participating. Concerning this fashion week,I had a little discussion with Adama Paris,founder of this emerging concept and both agreed about the frustration that black designers and models that we felt were being ignored by the fashion industry especially when the ”Haute Couture” is concerned. Therefore, we noticed how much same models prototype were shown on runways…how boring it is. That’s why I really respect this business and ambitious woman who has tried to do something though helping black designers and of course black models in order they get more exposure.
By the way, I’m revealing you now some of my favorite pieces I saw during the shows. As I told you on ma first Bfw post I had an enormous crush on Hayati Chaheyoi who showed a triptych colored collection by including blue, white  and some printed wax. The collection was creative with a sleek style,from the preppy and a sporty side to the choice of sneakers, great job dear! All in all guys, enjoy these following pics and share which piece collection you loved the most.
Capture d’écran 2014-06-11 à 09.46.01Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-00
Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-5Fashion-Week-Paris-designers-collection2Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-07 Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-09 Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-0Fashion-Week-Paris-designers-collectionStyles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-02 Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-04 Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-08 Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-06 Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-.Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-01Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss15-6Styles-Fashion-week-paris-2014-ss14-07Styles-Fashion-weeks-paris-2014-ss15-00

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