We all remember the huge trend that really rocked the 90s: bandanas! Well, I remember one of my sisters friends who had different colours of bandanas to match her different outfits. So bandanas in the 80s and 90s were worn mostly as head bands if not only but now, instead of bandana scarves, pattern is now uses in t-shirts, shirts, sweaters,trousers or on dresses like mine: it’s simply a must-have now.  You guys have seen these trend coming from lots of celebrity wearing bandana print on black and white colors right? You know this trend that raises eyebrows now is the long t-shirt with the bandana tucked in at the back and front of the end of the t-shirt making it look like a t-shirt and a skirt. Some people call is “JALABANDA” or “Kanye’s dress” or “Bandana t-skirt”. However, I suggest you to wear bandana style in colored at this time because summer is bursted out colors so you don’t need to only wear black.

1. ASOS-Insight Bandana Dress 2.Dee elle Print Skater Dress 3. Motel Camile Dress In Bandana Print / 4. Motel Valeria Jumpsuit in Scarf Blue / 5. Pastel Blue Brocade Dress 

I must admit something: Lots of trends that come on the scene make me sometimes wonder what designers and street style icons were smoking or ingesting when they decided to create some new fashion concept. Recently, a lot of trends were impossible to recreate because of the budget but I loved the way so many brands had honestly achievable on any accessible budget ; now it’s less about the logo and more about the look! By the way guys, I’m saying this because here you have 5 fabulous dress for an accessible price and you can really afford all of these bomb dresses! So you understood, for now stick to classics bandanas like navy,light blue, red, and black colors.

Blue Platform heels / Similar dress: 1. One-Woman Bandana Dress2. Nanette Lepore 3. Dee elle Print Skater Dress / Similar Box bag 

There are 5 comments

  1. Prince Sam

    Hello Wallace !
    J’adore vraiment ton sac et tes shoes, le bleu aussi te va très bien ! La forme de la robe est belle et te va bien mais l’imprimé je n’aime pas trop, désolé :)

    Prince Sam



    1. wallaceyolicia

      Hello Sam, merci de partager ton avis, c’est vrai que cet imprimé ne fait pas l’unanimité (mes amis n’aiment pas ce genre d’imprimé non plus haha), mais il peut se porter tout de même avec subtilité ! Merci encore pour ton commentaire,



    1. wallaceyolicia

      Haha oui en effet tu n’es pas là seule! Beaucoup m’ont dit que c’était moyen cette tendance ce que je peux tout à fait comprendre :)
      PS: Merci d’être toujours autant présente sur mon blog, ça me fait très plaisir.



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