Okey, Iet met tell you this little secret: one of my favorite place I wish I was there is Japan and precisely TOKYO – spend time there for several months would be a release! Japanese people have always inspired me secretly and the way they traditionally live as in many city from Japan impresses me a lot! People seem to be so polite, welcoming and follow a rigid etiquette that we sometimes should to uphold too! One of the things I want to discovery there is of course their huge shops. I know from some friends that Tokyo have an abundance of everything in these convenience stores and in those little specialist shops that sell household, lifestyle or beauty goods. I want to see from my eyes these larger plethora of products in a whole heap of different varieties I’ve never seen. I guess how It’s could be fascinating and making a choice out there must take hours! However, no matter how many times I have to walk past one of these shops, I’ll go for sure anyway! I want to see all manner of individual fashion styles throughout the city such as from very classy, and sophisticated style to more extravagants style as the Little Bo Peeps , Harajuku, dolls looks. I want to see these funky hairstyles, doll makeup and a few traditional Yakatas  which are kimonos! All these people wear their unique style with pride and they certainly get the attention which I think is part of their intentions. The other reason why I want to be there is also because of food! I’m a fervent food-addicted! I eat so much!(that’s why I often go to the gym and dance all the time). Sushi seems to be a stereotypical food but I must admit I love it so much by the way! I’m also a bit obsessed with theauthentic onigiri (rice balls) and ramen (it’s quite different from the dehydrated noodles). All in all, now you know what is one of my secret place I want to go one day! This outfit reminds me of Japan street look mixed with Grunge style with these lovely chunky sandals by Lshoes Shop – all of that are personalized in order to create my own style. Hope you will get inspired and share you secret favorite place you would like to go to! FRENCH VERSION HERE











L-SHOES chunky sandals HERE /  FOREVER 21 similar short HERE or HERE / New Look perforated leather Top SIMILAR HERE / leather BAGSWISH purse backpack HERE / Photographer :

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