I’m totally obsessed with jogger pants – and In fact, I’m currently typing this article while wearing a pair of one. That’s right I said jogger pants, but these aren’t the kind you’d necessarily slip on to gear up for a workout. Perhaps you’ve seen them featured on style blogs or while window shopping online, but weren’t quite sure if you should wear them. But, If you’ve been thinking about rocking this trend yourself, you’re on the right way! The sporty jogger-chic and luxe-sport trend has been named as one of the major trends that mixes comfort with style and I totally agree with that! Of course, the sporty-chic trend is all about a combination of sporty pieces like a varsity jacket,a pair of leather trousers or a cropped top. As a consequence, it’s a beautiful marriage of the sport and style world. Don’t be afraid! I reassure you that even if you’re not really athletic, the sportswear trend that emerged from NYC fashion week Spring 2012 runways will fit on you perfectly. And I’m not talking about just the battered sneakers or faded college sorority T-shirts you still wear to the gym. I’m talking about luxe sportswear, light-as-air fabrics, sleek silhouettes, and lively bursts of color! The trend went from street, street-style blogs, to the runways and soon enough fashion bloggers began trying out the jogger pants trend too. Famous designers such as  Alexander Wang, Marc by Marc Jacobs, they all displayed chic and adapted this style into their collections – the result? a lot of sporty ensembles in that you’d never actually wear to play sports, but would wear to convey your active, on-the-go lifestyle! How can you have a rocking jogger chic style? wear for example a silky trouser and electric heels sandals! However, you need to be extra careful while styling joggers. Don’t show up at work wearing your jogger pants with a loose tee and sneakers, you will look like you rolled right out of bed and landed up at work. Contrast the softness of joggers with something sharp and tailored such as to pair them with a fitted tee and a sweater with pointed toe heels . Make sure your Chic is more than your Sport. When pulling off the sporty-chic trend, it’s important to wear more chic pieces than sporty pieces. In fact, If you have an overdose of sporty pieces, your look would be off balance and then you might as well head to the gym since you’re dressed for it!



Valentino nude heels SIMILAR HERE / Dark jogger pant SIMILAR HERE or HERE / Dark Grey Crop Sweatshirt HERE or HERE / Shoulder Bag HERE or HERE / CREDIT PHOTO : @QUENTIN_BACCHUS


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  1. missreverie

    Oh wow, such an amazing write-up on the jogger pants trend. I agree with you on erring on the side of chic when dressing up the joggers for work or other dressy events. I like the way you portray your take on the sporty chic trend by accenting with proper heels and a roomy structured bag while keeping the top and bottom comfy and relaxed. Great blog you have here and I’m following you on my Feedly :) xx

    missreverie | Fashionista NOW


    1. wallaceyolicia

      Salut Stéphanie, je tiens à te remercier d’avoir visité mon blog et apprécié mes posts. Je suis contente que le contenu t’ait plu! j’irai voir ton blog et lire tes articles au plus vite :)


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