Dressed conservatively than other fashionistas,a wardrobe consists of a lot of neutrals colors such as black, gray, and beige. Clean, straight lines dominate the closet. In favor garments with soft draping as well as tops, jackets and dresses with a nipped waist. A preference in keeping the outfit simple, timeless and business-like. A tendency to match the clothes (a handbag in a color that is similar to the shoes). This is the typish 
women with classic clothing! It’s stunning,smart and chic! However, in order it not becomes rather predictable and very basic,try stretching your comfort zone by selecting different clothes textures,materials and of course adopt golden jewels.

Habillées dans une mode plus strict et smart, adoptant une garde-robe composée de couleurs neutres telles que du noir,gris, ou beige. Préférant les coupes droite et tailleurs cintrés, elles ont un penchant pour les accessoires mariant les tons du vêtement porté. On parle alors des femmes arborant le classy style! On adhère, on adore et ça passe! Par contre, pour éviter que cela ne devienne vite has been et basic, optez pour différents mix entres les matières et textures de vos outfits en combinant le tout par des accessoires plus brillants et dorés.

black chic outfit miumiu pocket zara shoes ring bag

black chic outfit miumiu pocket zara ring

black oufit zara style

zara jumper | shoes | skirt | miumiu wallet | new yorker sunnies | nixon watch | zara rings 


 Capture d’écran 2014-02-16 à 01.49.20

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  1. Lucia Y

    This is such a perfect outfit! I love your blog, just discovered it. That top from Zara is beautiful, might try and see if it’s on the website now xx


    1. wallaceyolicia

      Hi Lucia, first of all, thanks for this comment and I’m very pleased to see you loved this article! You’ve got an fantastic blog, I red some nice posts there and I love your style!
      PS: if you don’t find the tee, there’s an ”similar” at H&M store or at American Apparel shop! xoxo


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